The difference between freedom and excess freedom
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It is no secret to anyone that there is a difference between freedom and excessiveness or indifference from the point of view of religion and science. Freedom is the path to success, and excessiveness is the path to deviation and downfall. Freedom would revive the moral virtues and elevate the human being, while excessiveness or indifference would kill the virtue in the human being and bring him down to the level of animals. Freedom makes a person use his natural instincts in their proper place and leads society towards happiness, while indifference makes a person overuse his instincts, drowning him in the swamp of corruption and vice. Freedom is a factor in social systems and the building of human civilization, while indifference leads to laxity and chaos and confuses social systems. Finally, freedom is a torch that illuminates the path of humanity and guides a person to the path of his happiness, while excessiveness is like a burning fire that can strike the roots of virtue and the foundation of happiness.

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