Do children always need discipline?
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Active, healthy children do many things that worry, upset, or unnerve their parents. Your son is busy discovering the whole world around him and finds everything an exciting experience. Dropping toys and food is a great way to discover gravity, and tearing paper makes a sound and feels nice. Your child does not yet feel comfortable in his body, so every day may be different from the day before. He may decide that screaming amuses him and do this for hours. He may even like to climb on the furniture. For some reason, boys discover remote controls and telephones quickly. Parents sometimes fear that the young boy will turn into an annoying child without discipline and instruction.

• Facts

Your son does not yet have the ability to link cause and effect, so the issue of results will not work for him until a later stage when he becomes older. The best approach with your little one is lots of monitoring and supervision, removing everything he shouldn't touch and directing him toward acceptable activities.

- Perhaps you will be pleased to know that you can relax regarding the issue of discipline, especially during the first year of his life. He does not need discipline in the traditional sense; In fact, when most parents talk about discipline they really mean punishment. Children never need punishment.

What we mean by discipline here is education. What your child needs in his first year and throughout the years of your life together is lots, lots of education. Education is best if it is combined with patience, kindness and respect.

Parents often believe that boys need discipline more than girls and are sometimes quick to use physical means to “teach him a lesson.” However, the boy will learn to respect boundaries (and you) as he gains verbal and emotional skills and as he builds a loving and respectful relationship with you. A firm voice, willingness to move, and gently moving your baby away from things he shouldn't touch are often the best methods, and you'll have to do this several times. Words alone won't work with a young child, and screaming will make both of you feel worse. Firm, gentle behavior and lots of education remain the best option.

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