The importance of moral education
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“Maurice Debs” says: How can the maximum benefit be achieved from the identity verification stage for teaching and raising adolescents of both sexes in accordance with the new educational laws? The answer is that the issue of moral formation must be studied, the importance of which has become very clear today in all countries of the world. The education policy, no matter how complete, cannot be limited to developing the intellectual powers of man. Rather, it must also pave the ground for the moral movement by reviving some of the faculties deep within man, such as self-reliance, confidence in life, love of work, responsibility, feeling of pleasure when overcoming obstacles, perseverance, diligence, and others. Briefly, we must rely on a person's desire to prove his personality and the issue of activating his will in order to achieve the following:

1- The young teenager succeedes in proving his competence to be safe from perceptions and delusions.

2- His individual activity receives collective attention, which draws him towards the group to save him from the danger of individual selfishness”.

There is no doubt that reprehensible traits and immoral morals have an influential role in distorting the social personality of a young man. One reprehensible trait, such as arrogance, cowardice, or lack of self-confidence, may distort the young man’s image in society and prevent him from achieving his personality and social harmony.

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