The role of the environment in building a personality
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Animals have their own world, and there is a difference in the life of insects, land and marine animals on the face of the Earth in terms of their need for the help of others or not, as well as in terms of their individual and collective lives, and everyone continues their lives according to their own circumstances.

Some animals are active from the first day of birth, and rely on themselves, without the protection of their parents. Such animals are able to live independently in their lives, search for what to eat and drink, and defend themselves in order to survive. This type of animal does not have a childhood stage; it does not need the help of others to continue his life.

Animals and childhood:

There are animals that from birth need the protection of others, because they cannot live alone due to their weakness. Allah Almighty, in His wisdom, has created love in the hearts of older animals for their young, so they sacrifice for them, provide them with food and water, and defend them against enemies, until they become stronger and stronger for independent living. These animals have a childhood stage, so they need the protection of others in order to survive.

Amount of love:

What is striking about the animal world is that the amount of love that Allah Almighty created in animals toward their young is equivalent to the period of the young’s childhood and the extent of their need. Every animal extends its childhood and days of infirmity, as does its parental love and compassion for it. On the other hand, we see that this love almost disappears whenever the young animal becomes strong during its childhood. When a young animal ends childhood and becomes ready to rely on itself, its parents’ love for it ends, and they abandon it to go their own way and live an independent life.

The childhood stage that humans go through is considered the longest among the various types of mammals, and their need for the care and protection of others is greater. A young person needs, over many years, full care and great help from his family before he becomes fit for an independent life.

Man and childhood:

In other words, we say that the child’s need during childhood is not limited to growing up in the mother’s arms and making a living from her milk until he is able to stand on his feet, grow his teeth, begin to eat his own food, and then begin an independent life. The human being needs during his childhood to strengthen his habit, strengthen his spirit, form his morals and nature, and learn from He teaches others the etiquette of speech and behavior and learns about social etiquette, in order to properly prepare himself for social harmony, and all of this requires a long period of childhood.

 “The stage of human development is very long compared to the stages that other living beings need, and hence the stage that the child goes through, relying on others and needing their help and care, is a long stage. A person lives in his society in an atmosphere of mutual relations. Through his contact with others, he acquires social norms and etiquette, thus becoming a polite, social person. The mutual relations between the individual and the individual and between the individual and the culture of his society determine the path of life for man and give it a social character.”

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