Fears of the disappearance of the largest glacier in Italy due to climate change
12:30:10 2023-09-18 177

The Adamello Glacier, the largest of its kind in the Italian Alps, is slowly being destroyed by climate warming, with experts predicting it will disappear in less than a century.

"The glacier has lost about 2.7 kilometers from the end of the nineteenth century until today," says Christian Ferrari, head of the committee concerned with glaciers at the Tridentine Alpine Society.

He added, "In the last five years, the average area lost by the river was 15 meters per year. But in the last year alone (2022), the river lost 139 metres," according to Agence France-Presse.

Every summer for the past four years, the Italian environmental association Legambiente has organized a trip through the Alps to explore the effects of climate change on glaciers.

Like other glaciers in the Alps, the Adamello River suffers from a 50 percent decrease in snowfall amounts last year.

The snow cover has become thinner and the summer has become longer and experiences more heat waves, giving the river less time for its water to freeze.

The glacier is splitting, exposing additional areas of it to hot air.

The river showed traces of the history of the mountain range, which was the field of fierce battles between Italian, Austrian and Hungarian fighters during World War I.

Due to the melting of ice, the rifles and bullet boxes that were used at that time are now visible.

Marco Giardino, vice president of the Italian Glacier Authority and a professor at the University of Turin, says, “We explore the traces of the past, we see the traces of the present, and we realize that the trend is not positive, because the masses that we see falling today will turn this part of the glacier into a river covered with debris, which will cause destabilization.” "its stability."

The annual "trip" organized by "Legampente" through the mountains, in which scientists and environmental activists participate, has included a large number of glaciers over the past four years.

 “Last year we wanted to revisit the glaciers we saw two years ago, and the change we noticed was very significant,” says Vanda Bonariu, an Alpine official.

She adds, "Last year witnessed drought and heat waves, but we noticed cases that we never imagined would be recorded."

She continues, "The Forni Glacier in Lombardy, for example, has lost more than 100 metres," adding, "The glaciers convey to us a terrible impression of the acceleration of climate change and the severity of the phenomena, and the idea that everything is witnessing accelerating changes."

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicates that temperatures in this part of the Alps will rise by between one and three degrees Celsius in the year 2050, and between three and six degrees by the end of this century.

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