5 benefits of learned optimism
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Increasing your optimism levels can help you make positive changes and increase your levels of happiness. Below are five of the main benefits you can expect to see when you develop an optimistic mindset.

1. Learned optimism improves physical health

According to research, optimism is "a significant predictor of positive health outcomes." Optimists are more likely to take a positive and proactive approach to their health.

They eat healthier, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. Pessimists are more likely to have unhealthy habits that harm their health.

2. Optimistic people have lower stress levels

The ability to face challenges with a positive attitude means that optimists experience less stress. They are also more resilient, meaning they can handle their stressors better than pessimists. They may even thrive in stressful situations.

For example, when faced with a challenge at work, an optimist will take a problem-solving approach and use stress management techniques to keep their emotions in check. This gives them a sense of control over the outcome, thus reducing their stress levels.

3. Learned optimism helps you live longer

Since optimists are more resilient to adversity than pessimists, it stands to reason that they also live longer. Chronic stress is a risk factor for many diseases that can shorten life expectancy, such as heart disease. And the proactive approach that optimists take toward their health also leads to greater life expectancy.

4. Learned optimism improves your mental health

Optimistic people report having greater mental fitness than those who tend to be more pessimistic.

Looking at things in a more positive light can give you a more balanced view of a situation. It can also help relieve symptoms of poor mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression.

5. Learned optimism increases your motivation levels

Learned optimism can help you stay motivated because when you believe you can achieve your goals, you're more likely to continue to pursue them.

Optimists have a growth mindset and tend to view challenges as opportunities to learn and improve. Pessimists are more likely to give up due to their negative beliefs about their ability to achieve their goals.

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