Methods for building an expectation of reciprocity
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Children are less likely to become shy if they have a good knowledge of the (expect reciprocity) rule, feel predictable, and have some control over what happens to them in social situations. The best way to encourage and develop that feeling is to create a safe and stable home environment that your child can use as a launching pad before heading out into the world.

Here are some basic ways to build a stable family structure.

Stick to a routine: Kids behave better when they stick to a routine, especially in the morning and at bedtime. Be flexible when necessary but make sure your child has a regular time for everything and activities on set schedules.

Build a network of supportive people: Even if you don't have a large family to take care of your child, there are many neighbors and friends who want to be involved in your child's life. So make sure you give them that chance.

Respect your child: If you talk to your child and treat him with respect, you will have a more frank and intimate relationship with him.

Match your words with your actions: Many shy adults claim that as children they could not predict the behavior for which they would be rewarded and punished by their parents. If you promise something, you must keep your promise.

Set standards for behavior: As your child grows, so does his ability to master new behaviors. Continue to teach him new skills and praise him when he behaves well.

Reduce the noise in your home: Does the phone keep you from dinner almost every night? Do you always quarrel with your husband? Block out environmental noise so your child can feel safe.

Start now: If your child can turn to you now, it is more likely that he will turn to you when he is older - when his problems become more serious.

Be Kind: Your child loves you unconditionally so be kind to his feelings, and being a loving role model even if you are having a rough day will definitely help him.

CARE FOR YOUR CHILD: I can't say it enough: your child needs your attention. After all, if you're not interested, your child will fill that void with someone you may not approve of.

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