bad eating habits
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A nutritionist reveals bad eating habits

The Russian nutritionist, Artyom Ferris, announced that the way of eating that a person gets used to in his childhood may have a negative impact on his health.

According to him, replacing soda with juice is not the best option. Because both are harmful to the stomach.

Ferris says: “Juices are subjected to industrial processing before being sold in the market, which leads to the loss of many of their beneficial properties. In order to preserve their taste, sugar and preservatives are added to them. As it is known, juices themselves contain a high percentage of sugar, and when sugar is added to Juices make it more harmful."

According to him, the second downside is forcing the child to eat quickly. This process causes stress. In addition, eating in a hurry leads to poor digestion, because stomach acid does not have time to react to a large amount of food.

In addition, statements that make food a reward lead to involuntary overeating.

And he says: "The phrase eat (as a matter of precaution) in order not to feel hungry is the same as when a person eats without feeling hungry. This means overeating. That is, a person gets excess calories, which leads to an increase in weight. We must know that The quality of food also, not just its quantity, contributes to determining how long a person will not feel hungry.

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