benefits and harms of aspirin
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What is acetylsalicylic acid? In what cases is it necessary and useful, and in what cases can it harm the body?

Answering these questions on a TV program, Dr. Alexander Myasnikov notes that in 2023 the 170th anniversary of the discovery of acetylsalicylic acid - aspirin.

According to him, it is believed that aspirin affects inflammatory processes in the body, lowers temperature and thins the blood, and it should be prescribed to all patients at risk of complications from cardiovascular disease. This acid is present even in red raspberry jam, so folk medicine describes it to reduce fever. Also, this acid reduces the death rate due to certain types of cancer, and is a good remedy for hangovers, although it does not directly affect the process of ethanol metabolism and is not associated with detoxification of the body, but rather helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and improve the person's condition in general.

Myasnikov emphasizes that, in fact, there are many contraindications to the use of this miracle drug that must be taken into account. Aspirin can only be taken on prescription, and in no case is it recommended to take it on your own without a doctor's prescription due to contraindications.

He added that uncontrolled aspirin use can lead to bleeding and says: "Four out of 10,000 people who take aspirin suffer severe bleeding and the death rate is 50 percent."

And he adds, children under the age of 14 are prohibited from taking aspirin, because it may cause fatal consequences. It is also not recommended to prescribe it to pregnant women except in special cases and in small doses.

Myasnikov points out that we must bear in mind that aspirin is useful for people who have had a myocardial infarction, stroke, or suffer from atherosclerosis, or vasoconstriction and angina pectoris.

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