the school and the community
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Relationships and communications between the school and the community

The school is considered part of a large social system that is the community, which has a mutual relationship with this system, because the school is considered the mirror that reflects the clean and private life in society, and it performs an important necessary and basic preparatory communication function, in preparing students and developing them for special and important scientific and social development.

The school influences the community by providing it with individuals whom it works to prepare, and train to work in it, taking their role in serving it and working on developing it and providing it with the required progress that is in line with the requirements of the times and daily life.

The meaning of a relationship between the school and society is the social cultural change in all areas of life such as economic, human and political, which ultimately affects the goals of the school, the content of learning and the methods used in it. Also, the social school relationship means that the anxiety and conflict that appears among the members of the community will have negative effects on the school system. And if this close connection between the school and society has an indication, then it appears clearly in the fact that the school carries out its work and its role through a social content that the school culture obtains from the general social culture.

Starting from this relationship, the school's social relations extend to include the relations between it and the external community. In which there are parents of students, groups and institutions that have relations with the school, which have an impact on the vitality of the school and its role in a good and complete manner.

The school usually prepares and arranges the necessary meetings with parents several times in the school year, in an organized manner, to discuss school affairs in general and matters related to students in particular, with the aim of establishing a special system for carrying out cooperation between the two parties, so that the needs and demands of the school can be met, so that the school is of the active type and has its importance for everyone and has a distinctive image in the eyes of parents and the eyes of students together. Each of the parents should be in constant contact with the school to learn about its conditions and needs, and the conditions of all those present in it, so it was very important to send weekly or monthly reports to the guardian of each student, which informs them of the status of their children in the school in terms of educational, social and behavioral aspects. Inform him of their talents, inclinations, trends, and interests, and how to work on developing them in association with the school. That is, the house must be complementary to the school, and the school must be complementary to the house in the process of dealing, interaction, communication, and preparation that goes through during the stages of learning.

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