Excess pampering
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Pampering is one of the wrong educational methods, and it has the same danger as the method of excessive cruelty. They are on opposite sides, and both are characterized by extremism in their treatment.

Excessive pampering means satisfying all the child's desires immediately without delay, emotionally and financially in an exaggerated manner, not stopping the child from unwanted behavior, and not using any kind of punishment even if he makes a serious mistake and it may even lead to encouraging him for more sabotage.

Parents list justifications for excessively pampering their children - of course, for their children to become problematic children - and therefore I would like to warn every educator of these justifications so that he does not fall into them due to the motives of excessive and false love for the son, and then he becomes corrupt in terms of what he wants to reform. Among these justifications:

1- The child is alone and has been pampered so that he does not feel lonely.

2- He is an only son with daughters, or an only daughter with boys.

3- He is the youngest child.

4- He is a sick child.

5- This child was given to us in old age.

6- Because his father was treated with extra cruelty, so he reverses the treatment with his child.

7- He is an orphan child.

8 I compensate him for the material and moral deprivation that I suffered from in childhood.

9- I want him to be the best of my children (a perfect child).

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