Keep your promises and commitments
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Over the next two weeks, keep a diary or notes on all the promises and commitments you have made or are making. You may be surprised at the number of times you make formal and informal promises and commitments, thereby giving others expectations of what you will do. Sometimes even silence is considered consent to do so. With something, the other party comes claiming later and says: (But you did not reject my request, so I thought you were working on implementing it!).

Slow down and think before making new promises and commitments

Give yourself a deadline before rushing to respond to the requests of your boss, colleagues, or other stakeholders in the workplace. Try to be specific in how you respond to any request to make a promise or commitment to do something. If you are not sure of your ability to do what is asked of you, do not respond. Simply saying, "I'll try to do it and tell you," because people assume that means you'll do what they ask you to do.

I would always encourage you to reduce your promises from now on, if you think the task will take one week, make a promise to implement it in ten days or two weeks, let the other party pressure and negotiate if necessary, then you can make a good impression by completing the task before the date Expected.

Focus extra attention on those hard-to-fulfill promises

When I was the CFO, I had tremendous work pressure and I remember always having trouble delivering on my promises by reading plans for new projects and then reporting back to staff, it seemed like I was always late in providing my own evaluations to the other party and they were hounding me over email or phone, creating This is a feeling of anxiety and tension and then I felt the need to hurry up, after this was repeated so many times, I realized that I find reviewing such plans very tedious and tedious, and the solution I reached was to ask those who had draft plans to help me review them and that we work together modify plans.

Your challenge is to discover what, if any, recurring compliance issues you have, and how you can work differently to meet them. He solved this problem by holding as many future meetings as possible in his own office, which made it difficult for him to be late! Discovering such solutions will test your levels of creativity and innovation. Perhaps you can sit with your colleagues and discuss work obligations that you find particularly difficult to fulfill, and together you may be able to find practical solutions for them.

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