Decide what is urgent and what is important
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Start by making regular to-do lists and writing them down at the end or beginning of each week or month. It doesn't matter where you put it—write it down on your smartphone or handwrite it in a notebook—or how you keep it, but be careful about it. Decide how important and urgent each item on this list is and try to determine when you plan to do each task. I always like to start with quick and easy tasks, the so-called "easy-to-pick" fruits, to make the rest of the list seem shorter and more doable.

One important area that requires good time management is dealing with your emails, especially if you receive hundreds of messages every day, even when you are at times only in the "carbon copy" or "bcc" list. Try to get into the good habit of knowing which of your emails you should read in detail, which ones you should read briefly, and which ones you should ignore. Many people like to create subfolders for their email messages, including folders for emails that still need to be answered and those that need to be dealt with in some way.

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