Water is a benefit for Society
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In the convention held in Amman, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in December of the year 1998 AD, which was organized by the International Development Research Center under the title of Water Resources Management in the Islamic World.

The participants in this workshop reached a consensus on the Islamic principles of water management under several headings, including the social benefit of water, which they referred to as follows:

- Water is first and foremost a social benefit in Islam. It is a gift from Allah and a necessary element for the continuation of life.

- Water belongs to the entire community, and is not owned by any individual in the literal sense of the word.

- The first priority in the use of water is to obtain drinking water in an acceptable quantity and quality to preserve human life, and every living being has the right to obtain this basic need.

- The second priority for using water is to provide it for domestic animals, and the third priority is to provide it for irrigation purposes.

- Humans are responsible for protecting the water on Earth.

- The environment (with its animals and plants) has a legitimate right to access to water, and it is necessary to protect the environment by reducing pollution to a minimum, and individuals, organizations and countries bear responsibility for the harm they have caused to the environment or the environmental rights of others, including the rights to use water.

- Water resources should be managed and used to ensure their sustainability.

- Ultimately, sustainable and just water management depends on pursuing comprehensive values such as fairness, equality, and caring for others.

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