Orbits – A Specific Path for Each Celestial Body
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“And it is He who created the night and the day and the Sun and the Moon; all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming.” [21: 33]

One of the beauties of Allah’s creation is that everything works under a proper system. The Sun rises every day at its appointed time. It is not a minute early or late. When it sets, the Moon takes its place and stays there until the early hours of the dawn. After each night, the day takes over.

Similar to the system that is visible to the eye – the galaxies have their own system. The celestial bodies are in well-defined orbits and no one takes the place of another. This has been happening for millions of years since Allah created the universe. One example is that of the Solar System. We know the planets all revolve around the Sun in their own pre-defined paths. Mars does not take the place of Venus and Neptune does not switch positions with the Earth. Even a deviation of a few millimeters can cause a catastrophe in the universe.

The discussion about bodies moving in pre-defined paths did not come up until the 9th century. This theory was researched and revised for many centuries up to the time of Isaac Newton, and even today, astronomers continue to study the universe.

Allah mentioned this fact in the Quran when telescopes and other scientific equipment were not even invented.

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