Be assertive in your conversation
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The chances of success in your communication efforts will greatly increase if you understand how assertive communication differs from other types of communication, which are referred to as aggressive communication and Negative communication.

Negative communication occurs when you don't express yourself the way you want to. Among the reasons for this negative type of communication: your desire to please (or not annoy) others, being afraid of confrontation or not confident in your ability to manage the confrontation.

Although you may seek to avoid unpleasant situations, conflicts, and stress, in the long run this type of communication often leads to feelings of frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and anger. This attitude also often means that you don't express yourself enough and definitely don't achieve what you want to achieve.

Aggressive communication occurs when you express yourself or your needs at the expense of others, without regard for their feelings. One of the reasons for this type of communication is the desire to control or insult others, or the unwillingness to be dominated and controlled by others.

And although you may get what you want in the short term — you may feel more in control and vent your anger — in the long run this attitude is often accompanied by feelings of embarrassment and guilt. Others will also feel that you hurt their feelings and hurt them.

Assertive, simply assertive communication is ideal. And assertiveness is achieved when you express yourself and your needs in a decent, direct and considerate manner, taking into account the feelings and needs of others.

The purpose behind this approach is to communicate effectively and moderately. The goal is to get what you want, while making sure that other people also get what they want.

This method has both immediate and long-term advantages. You are more likely to feel good about yourself as well as gain the admiration and respect of others. More importantly, you will have great chances of achieving your desired goal, often without hurting the other party for that. By the end of the day, both parties will feel good about what happened and the relationship will grow stronger accordingly.

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