Think again
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Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers? Do you believe everything you see on TV? I hope your answer is no!

Ideas are not facts or realities, and just because you believe in something doesn't mean it's true. As humans, we are not perfect, and because we are imperfect, we sometimes make mistakes in the way we think about things. Some of these errors may include biases and prejudgments, which may be normal and acceptable at times, unless these biases and prejudgments make one feel unhappy or sad, then they will not be acceptable.

So the next time you find yourself assuming something about an event or person, ask yourself:

● What led me to this belief?

● Is there a strong reason for holding onto this belief? (Just because your mother or father believed in something is not necessarily a sufficient reason for you to believe in it as well.)

● Is there any evidence for the validity of this belief?

Do this quick experiment. Open the social page of your favorite newspaper or magazine (the hotter the topics, the better for this exercise) and find an eye-catching quirky headline. Read the article carefully and see how much the information in the article supports what is described in the catchy headline. If you can, do further research to determine to what extent the headlines are true or false.

Now remember that the validity and credibility of your thoughts may be no different in some situations; Thus, you should try the same method in order to assess the accuracy of your thoughts.

"Don't judge each day by the fruits you reap, but by the seeds you sow".

Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894, writer

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