prostration (sujud) on karbala soil
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Anyone who knows Shia Muslims, knows that they do prostration or sujud on a clay tablet usually from the ground of Karbala near or from the grave of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) called Turbah. So is this action an action of polytheism or Shirk because they supposedly worship the clay tablet? What is the evidence that this is a lawful action? 

Firstly, it has to be made clear that Shias believe that Allah should be obeyed the way he wants and he showed us the way by sending messengers and their successors (peace be upon them). 
It also has to be made clear that Shias believe it is not obligatory to do prostration while putting the forehead on the soil of Karbala. The obligation is to do prostration on the earth or what grows on it that is not used for food -such as fruits and vegetables- or to be worn -such as cotton. Imam Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) stated: “Prostration is unlawful except on the ground (earths soil and dirt) or what grows on the earth that is not used as food nor to be worn” and when he was asked about the reason behind this he replied: “Because prostration is obedience (submission) to Allah (swt), so it should not be on food and clothes. Since the worshipers (slaves) of this world are worshipers (slaves) of what they eat and wear, and during prostration this person is worshiping Allah (swt). So they should not put their forehead on what is worshiped by the slaves of this world". Therefore we Shias are following the orders of Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them) to put our foreheads on what they ordered us to put it on during prostration and by that we are obeying Allah (swt).


There are also sayings in Sunni Muslims’ sources that the prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) would practice prostration likewise. It is a pity that some people maliciously insist that Shias worship stones or that they worship Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). The truth is that we worship Allah alone by prostrating on the Turbah, not to it.

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