Choose your words
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One of the most important elements of effective communication is the ability to evaluate each situation according to its characteristics. Although we can generally say that assertive communication is better than other types of passive-aggressive communication, there are no "right" or "wrong" ways to communicate, but different situations require different approaches. With this in mind, there are specific strategies, besides those already described, that will help you communicate effectively in more situations.

Remember that not everyone agrees on the way of doing something. So instead of saying this is how it should be... It's usually better to express your needs using phrases like I would like to...  followed by a description of the specific behavior, and then your message will be clear to the person who received it.

It is also helpful to use phrases that accurately describe your feelings. When you do this, it is important not to blame the other person by saying something like “You made me feel…” but a less offensive and more helpful technique is to say something like “When you did (then say the action), you made me feel….”

Choose the time you speak carefully: Choosing the right time is of the essence, especially if you are discussing a complex or frustrating issue. Also, try to choose a time when you are not impulsive, in a hurry, or exhausted, or if something will distract you or interrupt you when speaking.

Train, think back in your mind what you want to say and how you want to say it. Better yet, say it out loud. It is even better if you practice it in front of a friend and ask him for his opinion. And don't forget that practice is the secret to mastery.

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