Don’t stop after the first success
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Don’t stop after the first success

One of the martial arts fighters got the black belt, and on the day of receiving the belt and in front of all the crowd, the coach asked the fighter: what does this belt mean to you? The fighter answered: it means the highest level of this game, and the coach said: you don’t deserve this belt, go and return next year.

The next year in front the audience, the coach asked: what does the black belt mean to you? He answered: it means strength, trust and courage.

The coach said: you don’t deserve this belt, go and return next year.

In the third year and in front of the audience, the coach asked him: what does the black belt mean to you? He answered: the black belt means the start point to reach my goals, improve myself and moving forward.                                                                                                                                                                             The coach said: now you deserve the black belt for you have known its meaning.

A person shouldn’t aim to the close dreams, but to look farther and pass the steps and reach the tops, for success has many levels.                                                                                                                                                                          Al-Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: (Aim far when you ask)

Successful people face many illusions that gives them the feeling of perfection and accomplishing the last goal after looking at what they have, and some of these illusions are:

.  Laziness and lethargy that hold them from asking a higher level

. Vanity and exaltation

. Monopolizing the experience

.Holding the position and preventing others from taking it

This is why we see in the “ black belt “ story , a great alert from the coach to the fighter , that having a level means the start point of the invention and creativity …

You must continue your way with insist , and don’t say : “ I got what I want “ or  “ I’m living my dream” if you want this positive feeling to continue , you have to move without a stop on a level !

And it is said that: “the talent isn’t enough … always continue, for there is nothing in the world can take the place of determination

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