Treachery Between Brothers
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When the Mongol leader "Genghis Khan" attacked the city of "Bukhara", he was unable to storm it, so he wrote to the people of the city: "Whoever stands on our side will be safe."
The people of the city split into two sides, the first side refused and insisted on confronting and defending the city and its people to the last man, while the second side agreed to bow and surrender for fear of the Mongols oppression ..
"Genghis Khan" said to those who agreed to submit, if you help us to fight those of you who refused, we will make you rule your country and enable you to rule and give you power, so the traitors and cowards were recruited and the war dtarted between the sons of one the same city..
In the end, the "traitors" side won, but the great shock was that the "Tatars" took their weapons and ordered to slaughter them.
Genghis famous saying was:
“if they were going to be loyal, they would have been loyal to their own brothers, so we can't gurantee that they won't betray us ”
Treachery between brothers is still exploited by strangers to this day.

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