Advices for a good teacher
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Dear teacher, if there are many hands to answer a question..
Choose a student...
After it is finished, say immediately:
Who supports this answer?
Hands will rise again and everyone will feel that they have participated.

Why reinforce the answers .. and not reinforce the questions?
If you hear a good question..
Say: A smart question from an intelligent student.
Say: I have been waiting for this question all the time.

If you notice that students are not listening well, announce that the class will end with a short test
And apply it...

In a part of the lesson and in a moment of silence 
stop and look at their faces
Say: I will tell you something important..I love you
Return to explain..
This word will lead to your respect.

A sign for the intelligence of the teacher..
If a student enters late for some reason, he enters the class atmosphere, and briefly repeat what he missed
Say: We are talking about..
Then go back and continue your lesson.

Instead of having a violent conversation with a student in the classroom..
Postpone the conflict.
Because the student is among an audience and feels challenged..
Talk to him later in private, you will find that he is different from what is in class.

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