What would you do if your son broke his toy?
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What would you do if your son broke his toy?

Unfortunately, some parents give a full lecture to their children if they broke one of their toys, like rebuking, harsh words and other details like the toy’s price and value.

And it may get intense, and one of the parents strikes the child for it.

Many parents do that for psychological relief, and it is absolutely a wrong way and not educational.

So what are we supposed to do in these situations and what does the child needs?

It is very important to know that your child needs sympathy, consolation, hugging and reducing his pain and sadness.

He will slowly understand how to preserve the game because it is everything for him, and it is a source of his joy and pleasure.

When it breaks, he will feel sad and get painful, for it is as important as your car for you.

 If you had an accident (Allah forbid), you will feel sad of course..., do you like to be blamed in this situation, or at least your father blames you, or someone gives you a driving lesson?

Of course, it will increase your sadness and pain and multiply your heartbreak, for you need someone who erases your pain and removes your sadness, and restores your self-confidence with a gentle, subtle and deep word, with deep understanding.

Al-Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: “Not every mistaken get admonished”

Therefore, dear educator, what you need in this case is what your child needs when he breaks his toy or wastes his money or anything else.

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