placebo effect
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Once there was a farmer who visited a Roman philosopher in his house, and the time of his arrival coincided with the time of the philosopher's lunch, so he insisted on his guest to sit with him at the lunch table...
The farmer accepted the invitation, and when he started eating the plate of the soup , he saw a small snake in it, but despite this he ate what was on the plate because he hated to embarrass the philosopher!
The farmer returned to his home, and he did not sleep that night because of his stomachache, and he said to himself: “This is the effect of the poison.”
And in the early morning he went to the house of the philosopher, so that he might find a cure for what he had suffered, and how great was his surprise when the philosopher told him that there was no snake in the dish, but it was only a reflection of a drawing on the ceiling in the dish, and took him to the dining room, and poured him a plate and said: Look well, is there any snake?
The farmer said: No
Then the philosopher put the plate directly under the painting on the ceiling, and the image of the snake was reflected in it, then he said: The snake is only in your mind!
The strange thing is that the pain in the stomach of the farmer is gone as soon as he knew the truth!

Reality Of Islam

allah is the only protector

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uy scuti

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seeds that can walk!

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ask allah for everything

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islamic rituals

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islamic behavior

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a lesson for humanity

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be satisfied

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guiding to good

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removing harm

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kiss your children

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al-ghadeer day

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islam congratulations

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high prices

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death relief

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placebo effect
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taste papillae
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Importance of Media

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noah & his ark

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be creative

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loyalty is strength

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people types

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