What beauty is required to choose a partner?
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What beauty is required to choose a partner?

Many men imagine –maybe- marrying a fit woman brings happiness, or she will follow their well.

And on the other hand, some women think like this too, and wish to marry a handsome man, and wishes that he has a weak personality, to submit to her well and never object her attitude, and she becomes only proud of his appearance!

The logical and religious boundaries, completely refuses this logic, because these shallow and instinct needs satisfying, or providing food don’t make the frame of family!

And who marries for such reasons, will only get what is the nature of this mortal life, which damages and takes away all the beauty and wealth by its sudden and continues changes.

Who marries for these evanescent and physical pleasures like beauty and money, have to realize that these things are temporal and will end sooner or later, and then nothing remains but the deprivation feelings.

What give the true beautiful meaning of marriage life are the selecting boundaries, which should prefer the inner beauty that shows the beautiful ethics and morals, and commits to the straight Islam, for this is what makes the personality attractive to the other partner, and strengthen the relationship more than only beauty, wealth or physical attraction.

The bases of the happy marriage life must be made with love between the couples when their goal is spiritually united, and search for the values to strengthen their relationship, and there is no way for the relationship to grow by shallow and fake appearances.

And just like any trip that needs an understanding accompany who doesn’t harasses us, so does the trip of life and the building of the family needs to have a partner that has the high ethics and beautiful morals

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