Beware of spoiling children
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Beware of spoiling children

Everyone agrees that love makes parents spoil their children, and give them all this wide space of leniency to the level of removing commitment and precision from their behavior.

Spoiling children is a very wrong way in raising children, and leniency doesn’t make straight children and doesn’t build up any useful skills that they can use in their life, but they may grow lazy and selfish and without any consideration to other’s feelings or needs!

Parents feel happiness when they see joy in their children’s eyes after giving them candy or toys , and parents can’t control their feelings when they see their children sad ; because they think causing the cry of their child -by not buying a toy or game – is not nice and incorrect !

And here we must ask the basic question to the parents … is it in your children’s interest to spoil them until been corrupted?

You must normalize the “acceptance feelings “and strengthen their “desire control “.

One of the researchers mentioned that ,  there is a type of motivators rushes in the child’s brain when it receive the word” yes” , while the brain hits the break when it receives the word “no”

Your training for the children’s well helps them to build boundaries in their minds to control their emotions , enables them to organize their needs and motivations , select the discipline attitude , and choosing the correct path that doesn’t lead them to psychological or physical deviations .


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