Maslow pyramid
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A well-known American psychologist named Abraham Maslow
He invented a giant theory called the theory of human needs or Maslow's pyramid
The pyramid consists of layers that start from the bottom of the pyramid to the top
The lower layer is the need for food and drink
The highest layer is the feeling of security, then the need for love and belonging, and the last layer is self-realization
The most important idea in this theory is that a person cannot move from one level to a higher level unless he completes the level he is in.
It means that a hungry person does not think about love, belonging, or self-realization
Conclusion ..
A people living at the bottom of Maslow's pyramid does not care that there are more than 86 universities, which is a larger number than the universities of England, France or Germany!!
This people will not care about the fall of education, nor will they be worried by the security loss of their homeland, and they have the right, of course, as they are still at the bottom of the pyramid

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