Help your shy child to become social
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Help your shy child to become social

Don’t be surprised if I tell you that the reason of your child’s shyness is “you “!!

Yes ; because the amount of “NO” words that he heard from is you more than any other word ; so it made him respond effectively to your holding well that prevents him from going through social activities…

It is obvious that  you want to keep him safe , so you have to provide him with alternatives , because when a child becomes six years old ,and specially in school , he will face difficulty to blend in with the social nature of the school , that force him to be in contact with the other children , so it is important for him to develop social skills , overcome his shyness , develop his physical and verbal communication skills, increase self-confidence, encourage him to be brave in the situations that make him shy , and there are some advises that can be beneficial for parents to help their child overcome shyness :

Make him welcome gests and participate in offering food and juice, and to welcome them with kind and generous words.

Take him with you to your siblings and friends, and encourage him to act like adults by greeting and hand shaking, and teach him what he has to say … or how to have courtesy.

Don’t force him to accompany a stranger directly, do it with steps, especially in the first days of the kindergarten or school, and understand his fear and wariness.

 Encourage him to play with the children, help him start playing, and move away slightly after he blends in with the others.

Don’t rebuke him when he feels hesitated or scared from being with new people that he is not familiar with, try to get his attention to what is amusing and attractive about them.

Don’t care too much about the shyness of your child, or staying by his side all the time, because that will strengthen his shyness. Be firm while instructing him to communicate with others.

Praise him in front of others like his friends or siblings, it will raise his trust in himself, and make him feel safe, and avoid blaming or rebuking him.

Be his role model in social activity; for a child takes the social features from his parents.

Help him to participate with the ceremonies, celebrations and seminars, or in presenting an effective activity like acting, reading a poem or Quran.

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