Five basics to keep your marriage
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Five basics to keep your marriage

If the family ship wants to sale to the shore safely , and face the waves of problems that hits its members , there must be some bases for its crew ( the couple ) , and the bases that can keep the relationship going are :

First base : a program to solve problems , every relationship face problems and different points of view , and this is natural ; because of the different thinking and psychological levels within humans , and if the relationship would last long , there must be a program to solve the problems , and the couple agree to its terms and applying it .

Second base : cooperation , starting a family , raising and caring needs communication and cooperation  because the house chores can pile up on the wife , and make her feel bored , and in need for the  husband on her side to help her through all these duties .

Third base : keeping the two walls of truth : trust and honesty , those two walls make a truthful life , without hypocrisy , cheating or having double standards , because the trust is based on honesty without hiding things from each other , spatially if it harms the dignity .

Forth base : doubt and tracking mistakes , to maintain the relationship , a husband and wife must forgive when each other do forgivable and small mistakes , and they have to forgive and bare a lot , and so on , the life moves to a proper stable life .

Fifth base : emotional communication and mutual feeling of love and admiration , and enhancing that with the by physical and spiritual support  , and a beautiful word that one of them keep saying to each other , and make them fell positively all the time , or a simple gift to strengthen their love .

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