None of us series “five moral boundaries”
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None of us series “five moral boundaries”

Al-Imam Al-Sadeq (peace be upon him) said:

“Oh Shiite of Mohammed Progeny! He is none of us, who doesn’t restrain himself through anger, and doesn’t accompany his friends or partners well, and doesn’t forgive who forgives him, and disagrees with who disagree with him “.

The religion of the prophet’s households (peace be upon them) is based on the values and morals that was referred to by the prophet of Allah (prays be on him and his progeny) as the high morals when he said “I was sent to complete the high morals “

And worshipping like prayers , fasting and hajj or others have no value until they are enhancing to have batter morals ,high values , beautiful aspects and good treatment towards people .

Joining the progeny of Mohammed (peace be upon them) is based on restrictions that form the foundation of the true Shiite that differs him from the fake one who claim to love the prophet’s households (peace be upon them) and he doesn’t work according to their moral and behavior approach, commit sins and impiety, kept away by the righteous, and vilified by everyone who get to know him.

In the last saying, there are five basic restrictions that determine the psychological and behavior aspect of the Shiite, and explains the role of the Shiite while dealing with himself and others:

First: controlling the behavior through anger and restraining it by reason, religion and morals.

Second: well fellowship; that doesn’t oppress or harms anyone who is accompanying, like his family, friend or neighbor …

Third: the well partnership with his partners, whether it is in school, trip, business in a company, market or an institution …

Fourth: respectful agreements; which means respecting the terms and contracts that are set in a job or a shift … or any other shared job by knowing the duties and conditions …

Fifth: respectful disagreements; which means to keep the well morals and standing by the religion boundaries, when there is a conflict in the interests, for as long as there are terms and agreements for conciliation … there are rules and morals for disagreements that must stand by and not to harm others, as it happens between merchants in the markets or between the students through the study …

And these restrictions are the bright frame that one must keep to be considered as a Shiite of Mohammed’s progeny (prays be upon them), and who doesn’t commit to these boundaries is outside that frame.

And then, he is not one of Shiite of Mohammed’s progeny (peace be upon them) even if he claimed to love them, or kept the rituals and forms of the Shiite.

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