Seven stimulating sentences for celebrities
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Seven stimulating sentences for celebrities

First: “Take your time to plan and search well, but when you apply, stop thinking and hesitating and go on “

This quote was said by (Bill Gates) the businessman and owner of Microsoft with Allan Pole, and this sentence concentrates on two standards: (well planning) and (not stalling in work)

Second “you have to be very patient and persistent, this world won’t rain gold on you, just because you have a good idea, you must work like crazy to get people’s attention to it, because they won’t buy it if they don’t know it”

This sentence was said buy (Herb Kelleher) the businessman and founder of (South West) airlines.

The essence of his quote refers to “Striving and persevering to show your idea

Third: “Always do what is unexpected

This quote is said by (Larry Page) the businessman, who participated in creating (Google) with (Sergey Brin), And it point to the importance of creating and innovating in world of business.

Fourth: “If you do the easy things first, you will actually observe a notable progress”

This quote is for (Mark Zuckerberg) the founder of Facebook , and it points out to not to rush towards the big projects; for that may cause failure , and if you want to start achieving your goals , start with the Easiest , and you will find out that you have achieved some of your goals and notice some progress .

Fifth: “Simplicity is the key for brightness”

This quote is for (Bruce lee) the martial arts expert, and it gives you the key for brightness and shininess with stars even when it is so short. So however you were successful, you must stay humble, for pride won’t let you be loved and bright.

Sixth: “there are many things to do before success, I don’t do what I like only, but I do everything for my company to success. I don’t spend time in doing what I like”

This quote is said by “Michael Dale” the founder of Dale Company. And his words the principles of following the rules and restrictions in the work, and not the mood, need or desire.

Seventh: “I hated every moment of training, but I was saying: Don’t quit, get tired now, and then live as a hero for the rest of your live”

This quote is for the famous boxer (Mohammad Ali Clay), with this statement , He points to the necessity of passing and forgetting tired and painful moments while trying to accomplish the goal , And the ambition for the sweetness of winning and success . 

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