Why marriages fail
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Why marriages fail

There are many reasons that cause the marital fail, and the reasons value is different from a society to another, there are societies that don’t value some reasons, and others see high value in these reasons, and they worth to end the relationship for.

These are five realistic reasons that may fail the marital relationship and end it.

  1. Marita relationship fail when one partner ignore his duties, and become dependent on the other partner, and all the responsibility become on one side.
  2. Realization and the truth revealing; which is one of the martial fail sides when one or both of them get shocked by the true nature of the other partner, when they haven’t known each other well enough, and this will cause problems made by the different views and desires, and it also may be caused by hiding each other’s flaws before marriage.
  3. When the partners’ families Intervene in their marriage and decisions; and causes quarrels because of the different family views , and this is one of the most important reasons in marital fail; when the mothers of the partners want different things , while the partners are baffled and watching this disturbing scene .
  4. Communication failure; this is also considered one of the reasons for marital fail; because the base of the successful marriage is understanding and positive conversation between the partners, which is carried with respect and mutual trust.
  5. Emotional and sexual failure between partners , that is caused by illness , psychological problem or the fading of love between them which lead to a bad relationship and problems, and become a reason for the relationship failure .
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