You need to appreciate yourself
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You need to appreciate yourself

Everyone wants to be satisfied about his personality , and give himself a high rating , and we feel sad when we rate ourselves bad .

The necessity of appreciating yourself is important, because that eases the problems and causes success in all the fields of life .

Learning the success ways and self-improvement is not enough to reach the goal, unless there is a satisfaction feeling about what was accomplished already .

Self-appreciation is gained by the experience that people get from solving the problems , which give them knowledge and variety  of skills. Psychologists points out that self-appreciation is built up from childhood by love and encouraging .

There are some signs that shows the lack of self-appreciation in people :

Introversion and the fear of social activities, like sermonizes , parties and speaking in public.

Satisfying others to avoid their criticism .

Temper and quick anger ! and reckless or violent reaction .

Distrust of all the decisions , and choosing difficulty .

Escaping problems and embarrassing feeling makes the self-negative view deeper , and weakens it.

And the solution is to stand in the face of these difficulties and embarrassing situations , be brave and patient , and search for a logical explanation , to get positive convictions about reality , and also by :

Avoid comparing yourself with others.

Search for your bright sides .

Be satisfied about yourself and no need to impress the others.

Don’t blame yourself and learn from your attempts .

Join the competitions that you can win , and be special .

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