Love priority in family relationship
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Love priority in family relationship

The most important goal to be achieved in marriage is the stability status ; psychologically , economically and spiritually , and this is achieved in the cooperative life that husband and wife must work to accomplish and maintain .

And it is a fact that husband is calmness for his wife ,and the wife is calmness for her husband , and this calmness is observed through the winds of crises and waves of life , and when they seek refuge in each other if there was a danger threating their entities , to provide peace that help them facing life and pass through until they get calm and feel tranquility.

A family must grow love , compassion and support feelings , so that children would learn these high morals that are supported with straight and modest religious vision .

And a husband ,even if he used to live harshly and have firmness or harshness in his personality , his wounds can be healed by his wife’s kindness , So a noble woman has to show her sympathy , because she is closer than his mother to him , though her great tenderness , but she can reach the heart of a man just like how a mother reach her child’s heart .

And if a family lacks these emotions and feelings , this means a problem in showing emotions and love by wife and husband , which will cause a meaningless relationship in the family .

For that , Allah said in the holy Quran : "And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts)"

The perfect relationship between husband and wife , must be based on mercy and love , compassion and affection , and they have to feel peace next to each other to reflex this peace on the family members and  cover it with love all the time .

The lack of communication and understanding between husband and wife , And routine in the life can  change the family bond to a shallow relationship , that lacks love and compassion which must cover the family and guaranty a successful and continuous life .

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