beetroot benefits
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Whether you like it or not,beetroot, also simply known as beet, is loaded with essential nutrients that provide many benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Packed with potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B6, A, C, nitrate, beets are also one of the healthiest winter foods. Including this healthy food into your diet during winter season can be beneficial for your skin apart from other health benefits that it gives.

Beetroot being rich in skin enhancing nutrients is simply a perfect recipe for maintaining a glowing skin in winter. Beetroot is also very effective for oily and acne prone skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, drinking beetroot juice regularly can help prevent acne and pimples from popping up on the face.

Beetroot also has powerful detoxifying properties. Beetroot juice if consumed daily can help flash toxins from different parts of the body, thereby leading to a clearer, healthy skin. In order to yield best cleansing results, try drinking fresh detox juice early in the morning.

You can enjoy beets in salads, juices, soups and even crisps.

The cold winter months can leave your skin dry and dull. Dry skin needs to be moisturized from within and not just from the outside. Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet consisting plenty of fruits and vegetables can help keep the skin moist and glowing even in cold weather.

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