How to create a healthy family ?
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How to create a healthy family ?

If we want to build a healthy family, And later a healthy society, Away of all the social pollution and immorality , We have to raise men and women who hold righteousness and chastity as their base in life and morals .

The husband need to pay attention to the following aspects :

  • A man must focus on clean and Halal earning to get to his family .And never to get close to Haram money , And also to keep his contentment and chastity .
  • To meet his family with a smiling face and start with greeting and gratitude for what she has done all day at home .
  • To teach his family the halal and haram ethics, promotion of virtue and prevention of vice and the advantages and outcomes of different deeds .
  • Not to waste his time and life outside home, And not to keep his smile only for his friends.

And the wife should pay attention to several things too :

  • To keep her virtue and chastity , To do the house chores with passion , And to create an atmosphere that can cast away what he faced outside .
  • To obey her husband according to Allah’s laws ,to satisfy his logical needs and to avoid anger and arrogance .
  • To treat her husband’s  family and siblings with kind and Islamic morals .
  • To ask her husband not to bring anything from wrong and haram sources , and to show her husband the contentment with the halal income even if it is few .
  • Avoid imitation , and not to make him suffer the need and embarrassment while trying to keep up with his or her siblings through life  .
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