What are the origins of the Islamic education?
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What are the origins of the Islamic education?

By reviewing the Holy Quran and the holy Hadiths , we can recognize a group of rules that parents and every educator must use to raise the children’s personality, well and correctly . And there is no Muslim family program that doesn’t include these rules , which the correct raising can’t produce good children without them . and they are :

First rule: Islamic believe , which is based on believing in the one Allah , without polytheism , and the value of the oneness of Allah , and to acquit  Allah from everything that doesn’t suit his highness and beauty.

Second rule : Allah’s observation, in secrecy and publicly, and strengthen the feel of Allah’s existence everywhere , and however a human try to hide or stay alone , The great Allah , who don’t sleep or miss anything , will be watching and count his ideas and actions .

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