Children escape homes
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Children escape homes

Home is considered to be the safest place and the refuge for all the family , through different life crises .

And it is the start of a great corruption , when a father cause that his children escape home because of his bad attitude with them , and their continues fair and worry of his cruel ways in command and ban and what follows that as a physical or psychological punishment  .

Or it can push them to escape the domestic violence that occur between parents and its effect on them , so they escape this confusing reality in parents conflict and the annoying atmosphere among the family,  if it was big …

This will cause psychological and thinking problems that make children escape home temporarily or permanently , or come back late at night , and this may cause their fail in life or deviation through the dark roads of crime and sins , for the humans or children generally and teenagers in specific , can’t progress scientifically or professionally and won’t be honest and faithful , unless they are in a safe family atmosphere .

Or the motivation may be the negative way of raising that is followed in the family and how it explain to meet all the needs or pleasing their children , for this sort of raising helps in rebellion if their needs were not satisfied or their demands were not answered !

And one of the motivations to run from home is the wrong thought in the unhealthy societies  that allows teenagers to go out of their homes and be fully independent from their family bound .

And what is important to point out about their escaping motivations is the places that are available for those children and get benefits by using them in forbidden and illegal activities .

Some girls may face a shock or problem , and thinks that escaping home is the key , so , parents must think of ways to fix these shocks and problems by understanding , care ,and love , and to ensure the girl that she will not face physical or psychological violence , and that must be applied by the parents with serious steps to care of their daughters . And any fault that occur from your daughter is your responsibility , so don’t ignore the details of her life and always know her life details , to be able to protect your teenager daughter from the bad friends , keep her from blackmailing and release her from the wrong believes . 

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