Five shelters that can keep you away from Satan
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The believer needs many shelters to keep him away from the deception of Satan _ Allah damn him _ who wants to drag him towards sins , for that , attempting to build shelters is one of the needs for keeping yourself away from sins and protecting your beliefs from getting weak , and also it supports the believer with power and stable determination to face the enemy that tries to drag him to the hell -  we ask Allah to keep us away from - .
In the book of “ khesal” (characteristics) written by Sheikh Al- Sadooq _ mercy upon his soul – 
Al – Imam Al – Sadeq said : 
Satan said : five things I can’t effect on and the rest of people are in my grip :
First : who adhere Allah with a true well and counted on him in all his affairs :
To adhere Allah is a shelter that Satan can’t pass , and adhering is explained in two ways :
First : a spiritual manner , which is the believer’s feeling that the only one who is able to protect him from the evil and keep him away from harm is only Allah . 
Second :  the physical adhering , which is obeying  Allah in every order and inhibition without avoiding some or choosing only some of the rules !  to get the honor of being among Allah’s companions  and keep him from the delusion and traps of Satan . for adhering is believing and working , not speaking that contrasts the heart and the attitude !
Second : who praises Allah day and night , 
Praising Allah is an unbreakable shelter from the devil’s ideas and scrupulosity , and praising is to mention  Allah  , and praising can be used to say the name of Allah and not just saying ( Subhan Allah) .
And mentioning : is the line that connects the heart of the believer with Allah _ blessed be his name _ so the believer who mentions Allah is on a continues contact with Allah who said : ( remember me and I will remember you) .
For that when human forgets to remember Allah , makes him a companion for the Satan and gets controlled by him , so never stop praising Allah in day and night because it is like the Anti – Virus in computers .
Third : who accepts for his believer brother what he accepts for himself ,
To accept for your brother what you accept for yourself is a prove that your heart has no envy or bad well , and this is enough to be a shelter that cuts the ropes of Satan and prevent him from thinking to harm others , and causing greif and sadness to his brothers and sisters by his egoism , for Satan gets destroyed by love and mercy between brothers and friends .
Forth : who doesn’t feel depression in calamity ,
Self controlling in adversity is a shelter that makes Satan servile in front of who has this power , patient and stiffness during the emotional and sad incidents like losing a loved and precious human or lost in money and wealth or any precious and priceless thing . 
And as an example , we read about the wise lady “ Zainab” daughter of the prince of believers ( peace be upon them ) after the death of her brother and her family in the painful incident and great tragedy in the day of “ Ashoraa “ ( the tenth day in the first month “ Muharram “) , and taking her and the women of the profit family as prisoners to the boards of the tyrants , and when they were entered on Ibn – Zeyad ( the ruler of Iraq ) , he said while feeling comfort by killing the grandson of the prophet : how do you see what Allah did to you ? the lady said her immortal saying “ I saw nothing but beauty “ and this is the superior patient and not to be in grief .
Who accepts what Allah gave him and didn’t care about his income ,

Satisfaction is a shelter from the wrong thinking about Allah , because the satisfaction in what Allah brought to you makes the believer in safe from the Satan teachings and words in the field of the income and its amount weather it is much or few , for as long as Allah has the wealth of earth and sky ; his safes never get empty and his giving won’t end , and his generosity has no limits so why the worries ? and why being afraid from poverty ? so never be sad because of the words of Satan who promise us with poverty and misery and Allah who promise us with mercy , forgiveness and gifts .

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