Who is the truthful friend ?
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In Ahl_ Al Bait instructions ( peace be upon them ) the believer can find what he is looking for . their speech is light and their advises enlighten hearts and their wisdom motivates thinking and their speeches guide to the right .
“ Brotherhood “
A term we use during our family and social live , but do we know its value ?! and its weight ?! and the strength of its bond ?!
Ask someone lost his best friend , who can’t find anyone more precious to his heart than him ,and no other friend took his place ! to know the depth of pain and how it hearts for losing and missing him . 
In the literary work of Gelgamesh and Ankedo epic - even though it is considered as a myth – there was a text about the strong brotherhood that bond  Ankedo and Gelgamesh , so that Gelgamesh after his friend’s death – while he was in sorrow and pain- he lamented him saying :
“ I will make the people of (Orok) cries and lament on you                                                                                   And I will make the people of joy get sad for you                                                                                                         And I ( after you get  buried ) will let my hair grow                                                                                                                And wear lion leather and wander in the deserts …”
And so what was said about the immortal epic in the day of Ashoraa and the sacrifice of Abi - ALfadhl Al- Abbas ( peace be upon him ) and his defending on his brother “ Abi- Abdellah  Alhosain ( peace be upon him ) . his hands were cut and martyred on the beach of the Forat river .
And he was a great example for loyalty and sincerity in brotherhood , and for that , when Imam Hosain standed beside him and saw him in that sad situation , he shouted while crying ( now my back got broken ) and Zainab ( peace be upon her ) lamented her brother while crying ( how lost we became after you oh Abi – Al- Fadhl ) … so the loyal brother is priceless and very hard to be found ! and it is a catastrophe to lose him !
Not every friend gets to the status of brotherhood and not every brother holds to its rights 
Imam Sadeq ( peace be upon him ) said : “ brothers are three kinds : consolatory by himself , consolatory by his money and those two are true brothers and one who takes what he wants and needs you for some delight , so don’t trust him “ 
Money and self are the most precious things , so if you noticed generosity and consolation in hard times and happiness , this is the true friend so never waste him .
And if he faced danger for you and got harmed for you just to see you safe and comfortable , he is the intimate priceless brother . 
And those two are the clue to identify the true friend to consider him as brother and sacrifice everything precious for him too .
Imam Hasan ( peace be upon him ) said : “ don’t consider anyone as a brother until you know how he thinks and his beliefs , and if you realized his thinking and accepted his partnership , so be his brother to aid him when he falls and consulate him in difficulty “
And be away from who know you only in their need and remember you only when they want something from you for their delight and joy because they are not trustworthy .

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