Philips` New General Purpose Monitor with Early Warning Scoring to Prevent Adverse Events
7:26:23 2019-11-13 75

Philips is releasing a new vital signs monitor designed to offer advanced warning on worsening patient status within general care clinical environments. The EarlyVue VS30 is a newly FDA cleared device featuring Philips’ Early Warning Scoring technology that spots tell-tale signs of degradation in patient health, and notifies clinicians sometimes even hours before the onset of symptomatic deterioration. The technology allows for earlier intervention and the prevention of serious events.


Notifications and the information display can be set to match each patient’s unique needs and the clinic can also adopt standards. All the patient data, including the Early Warning Scoring numbers, can be displayed bedside on the monitor as well as at the nurse’s station. Everything can also be automatically recorded into the hospital’s electronic medical records system for easy follow-up reviews.


The monitor can keep track of blood pressure, SpO₂, pulse, CO₂, and respiration rate. It also comes with Masimo’s rainbow SET options.

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