How to overcome bad habits in just 5 simple ways
3:22:14 2019-06-18 170

Many of us suffer from bad habits such as smoking, ill-manners, health deviations and forbidden practices. Thus, if the listed steps are followed correctly, they will help in ending your bad habit.


The first step: Determination to ending a bad is through the following:

  1. Contemplate on the harms of the of the habit and at appropriate times until you are fully convinced of the seriousness.
  2. Learning more through reading and intellectual programs about the mental and spiritual damages that this habit results in.
  3. Choose the appropriate health, psychological and righteous alternative to replace this bad habit.


Step 2: Try to cut the roots of the bad habit by shifting away from anything that stimulates the thinking of outside influences.


Step 3: Find a moderate alternative you desire to relieve the pressure of the habit.


Step 4: Overcome the effects of the bad habit by immediately cutting off anything that is related and doing the chosen alternative.


Step 5: Take the change step by step for month or more, with patience, prayer and trust in God who will help you to overcome this habit.

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