The Viewpoint on Women`s employment
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Society's viewpoint in our modern day world on the presence of women within the workplace, is split into negligence and extreme. She if often placed between barriers that separate her from the social life by justifying it through religion, jealousy and hijab. On the other hand, there are those who seek to liberate her from her values and equaling her to the opposite gender with complete freedom and describing those who wear the Hijab as backwards and naïve.


Both viewpoints are rejected by logic and religion that refutes devious ideas and viewpoints as women are intellectual individuals with a sense of tenderness framed by beauty. Thus if we do not recognize her nature as a regular person with personal characteristics, then we have not done her justice; because a women, in her presence, completes all that is not right for the man to do.


As it is famously stated, "A true man is he who understands the ambitions, dreams and aspiration of a woman in the work field." This does not mean that there aren’t any regulations at work that provide the women with the right sense of freedom, but also a system that preserves her dignity as a person.


As Imam Ali (PBUH) says "the chastity of a women is beneficial for her state and preserves her beauty."

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