How do you raise your child to know Allah?
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One of the most important duties of parents in raising children religiously is to strive to consolidate the knowledge of Allah in them, because this has huge effects on the child’s present and future and in his worldly and hereafter life. Raising a child to know Allah is achieved in several steps:

The first step: the necessity of teaching children religious issues and turning to Allah Almighty. Imam Ali - peace be upon him - was very interested in raising his children, and he laid the foundations that we follow in this field, and he emphasized in his commandments that we must teach our children good things so that they feel Allah’s blessings upon them.

The second step: The education of children should be as much as they are able and able to understand. Because this helps to correct the relationship between them and their Lord - the Almighty - and keeps the divine laws always before their eyes, and in this way their moral relationship with Allah Almighty increases even more.

The Messenger of Allah - may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family - said in the noble narration: (Every child is born according to his natural disposition until his parents make him Jewish or Christian.)

For this reason, the home is the first station for knowing Allah Almighty, and children acquire information through it. The first school for children’s moral development is the home, and the first teacher for educating children are the parents.

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