How to become a positive person
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A person must live life in a way that makes his days new, full of joy and success.

 Yes, the burdens of life are many, but these burdens should not be surrendered to, and it is possible to overcome most of them, or at least some of them, when we are positive.

In order to be positive, you should consider the following:

Be a funny person:

Humor is a type of positive communication with others. It cultivates a spirit of optimism and brings comfort.

Be proud of your achievements and work:

Your achievements today, which are superior to yesterday’s achievements, you should raise their status and be proud of. Because it is the main motivation to provide the best in the coming days.


Humility purifies the soul, raises your status among people, and expels reprehensible morals from you. It is one of the doors to achieving success through the acceptance of your personality and ideas by those around you.

Focus on the good things:

You may encounter unacceptable people and situations that are frustrating and that you do not like. Leave them on the sidelines and focus on those positive things that you should rely on to continue the journey.

- Make sure to spend some time with positive people:

Those who raise your morale and are helpful to you and you will always be helpful to them, and contribute with their words and actions by lifting the burdens of life from you. The Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family) said: (Allah helps the believer as long as the believer helps his fellow believer).

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones:

Negative thoughts discourage you, so you should replace them with positive thoughts that give you a great moral boost forward.

Define your goals and work to achieve them:

Setting goals reveals a clear path for you that enable you to move with consistency and balance, while taking into account the proportionality of these goals with the capabilities you have in order to work to achieve them.

Be an active element in society:

Be an active element in society, by being present in fields that require your presence and contribution to actions that develop the spirit of the community, and by helping others in what is in their best interests.


What develops your positivity is daily gratitude for everything that is beautiful in your life. This helps you develop your concept of positivity by avoiding dependence on negative things and avoiding them.

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