How do I change my life for the better?
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When an individual feels the need to change and rebuild his life to make it more developed and therefore happier, he can start his life anew by setting a specific and clear goal, and then striving to achieve it.

Confidence can be restored to an individual after losing it and feeling like a failure if he tries to start over.

Setting a new goal and waking up early to achieve it will make the individual realize that he still has the opportunity and that he can control some of the things that he imagines are out of his control, and thus he will feel confidence returning to him.

There is an important principle in life, which is “start where others left off,” as it is considered a first step to success, and a supportive idea to make life beautiful.

This principle helps individuals who feel frustrated and have experienced failure, as one thinker points out, “The shortest path to success in life is to follow the paths of successful people who were able to make their lives better.”

Some sources indicate that life can be beautiful if we do these things: -

First: Wake up every day at a fixed time, and start your day early by thinking about your goal and reviewing your plan and tools.

Second: Drink sufficient and abundant amounts of water. This affects and improves your mood, making your health good and your life better.

Third: Quit bad habits that are socially and health-reprehensible, such as smoking, random browsing of social media sites, and excessive eating and sleeping.

Fourth: Organize your life with pen and paper, as an organized life pushes more positive energy into your life.

Fifth: Do not compare yourself with others, as each person has his own abilities, and differs from your challenges and circumstances.

Sixth: Stay away from “negative” people, as life is too short to waste it with people who drag you down.


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