My wife is stubborn... What should I do?
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Stubbornness is a natural reaction of a person in general in life to situations that he is ignorant of and has no prior experience with, such as being told to drive a car for the first time, for example, or matters that conflict with his interests. Or things whose seriousness and consequences he realizes, or he is asked to leave behind what has fruits and benefits for his future.

Marital life is a world full of interferences that may push a husband or wife to be stubborn.

Is it true that the rumor that there is a stubborn wife is true?

Stubbornness may be a weapon used by the wife to confront the man’s harshness and harshness, and you find that she tends to prove her character through stubbornness. It is a rope that she holds onto when she finds no alternative!

Do not be harsh with her, dear husband. Perhaps you are not good at listening to what she says?!

Do not be stubborn and hide behind silence, as this is not an appropriate way to state your position.

Don't be like a child, painting your stubbornness on your face!

Explain...state your point of view and explain what is inside you so that you can make your husband and those around you understand why you are insisting on your position?!

Your stubbornness may be interpreted as a negative reaction, and your stubbornness is without awareness, insight, or maturity and is reprehensible stubbornness.

Indeed, there are wives who are stubborn for no other reason than just to be stubborn!

You have the right, to be stubborn if you are in your father’s house!

But; now you are a partner to a husband and perhaps bear responsibility for a family. Your stubbornness harms everyone, disturbs the peace of the family, and makes them uneasy, especially your husband.

We offer you, dear husbands, some useful guidance that will help alleviate cases of negative stubbornness or transform it into justified stubbornness that can be described as positive:

First - reassure your wife that you do not aim to issue your opinions (to control) and prove this by relinquishing some of your opinions.

Second - Express your love and respect for her by listening fully and completely to everything she says and wants to say about the subject.

Third - Do not ignore her convictions. Explain the reasons for your motives clearly and transparently. You are not in a camp, but rather in front of a female, a mass of sensitive emotions and feelings.

Fourth - Beware of giving in or appeasing too much. With repeated apologies, the person’s conviction will increase that his stubbornness has been beneficial.

Fifth - Stubborn wives should not rely on their husband’s forbearance and reason, lest his fire boil over and the volcanoes of his anger erupt, causing him to lose control of his temper and things lead to bad consequences.

Sixth - The wife may resort to stubbornness based on being influenced by her husband’s stubborn behavior, so she treats him in the same way as a reaction to his stubbornness. Either this is a nature of hers that she has acquired or a way to appease him, so check with yourself Evaluate your style with her.

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