Parental interference in choice and contradictory convictions
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Marriage is contentment, and contentment stems from choice, because the spouses are partners in building the marital nest. If their motives are not serious in love and affection and based on equality and exchange of feelings, injustice will occur to one or both parties. This is why marriage is preceded by several procedures in... Whether the choice is successful or not,

There are two conflicting views on the issue of marriage:

The first: to delegate this important issue to the young people - male and female - themselves, and no one has anything to do with it. Young people have justifications and reasons that make them see the choice as a matter of their own, and it is not possible for the father or mother to be the ones who accept or reject, as it may be a matter of choice. Their gazes meet Their vision and choice contradict their desire, and therefore it is their life and not the life of their parents.

Second: Marriage must be subject to the opinion and choice of fathers and mothers.

Mothers and fathers believe that they have the right to choose a young man for their daughter and a girl for their son because they believe that a person at the beginning of his youth is devoid of experience, even if he is knowledgeable. A girl, given her lack of experience in matters, is of sound heart, and on this basis, she may quickly be deceived by external appearances.

What is correct is that both visions are immature. Parents do not have the right to burden their children with their own convictions in choosing a partner (husband or wife), nor is it in the interest of young men and girls to choose a wife or husband themselves alone and ignore the parents’ opinion.

Rather, what is correct is for children and parents to consult about this life issue and exchange viewpoints on it until they reach the desired goal.

Fathers and mothers must pay attention to this fact, which is that the issue of choosing a husband or wife is not a theoretical idea, but rather it is subject to taste, and every person has his own taste.

Parents and sincere friends must help young people in this election and choice with their valuable and correct ideas.

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