Develop your talent
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Many talented individuals either acquired this talent, or they acquired it by nature, and in both cases this talent needs refinement and development in order to obtain its distinctive gifts.

In order for your talent to develop and become more creative, you must do the following:

  • Do the necessary exercises to develop the talent:

Exercise is a true testing ground for talent and its extents, as it enables you to identify aspects of weakness to strengthen them, and aspects of strength to enhance and develop them.

  • Enroll in courses to develop your talent:

Field courses and workshops are an advanced field for increasing and updating information, acquiring new skills, and raising the level of efficiency.

  • Read:

Reading is the first field of thought and the gateway to complete development, so you should not neglect it. Islam has encouraged reading. The Almighty said: {Read in the name of your Lord who created.}

  • Believe in yourself and your abilities:

Belief in yourself and your ability is a force that enables you to go through experiences, accomplish the tasks assigned to you, and give a unique contribution. It is also considered a protective shield to overcome frustrations and obstacles.

  • Compete honorably with your peers:

The gateway to honest competition is respecting the products of others, striving to provide the best compared to what others offer, and benefiting from their steps and methods.

  • Be close to creative people:

Being close to them enriches you and develops your talents, unlike those whom you should avoid being close to who are negative and who belittle what you do and achieve.

  • Always test yourself:

The test comes through the acceptance of your personality and product by those around you, and the extent of their interaction with what you propose and create, so do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of this test.

On the authority of Ali - peace be upon him -: (Make whoever sees you wish to be like you).

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