Focusing on Positive Personality Traits
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1- Find your confidence. Confidence is an attractive personality trait. Often people who believe in themselves are happier. While being arrogant can make others uneasy, believing in yourself is key.

  • Identify the different ways to feel and look confident.
  • Have good body language that shows you're not fearful of others. Maintain good eye contact. Smile. Look interested in what others say and do.
  • Gain confidence by focusing on the positive things in your life, and what you do well. Think about any recent events in which you worked hard, did well in something, or overcame a struggle. Remember these times, rather than the times where you messed up.

2- Be open to new experiences. While it may feel comfortable to do the same old things you always do, be adventurous and consider trying other things. You may be shy or unsure if it will go well. Oftentimes, things aren't as bad as you imagine them to be. Being open to new things makes you seem more flexible, interesting, and attractive to others.

  • If you're nervous about trying something new, ask yourself what's the worst that could happen. Likely your only risk is feeling awkward or embarrassed. If you tell yourself you can handle those emotions, then you'll be able to be more adventurous.
  • If you're not ready to do something new on your own, try things in groups or with a trusted friend or family member.
  • New experiences don't necessarily have to be risky adventures that put you or others in danger. It's just something that gets you out of your comfort zone.

3- Be agreeable and friendly. While it may be tough to be agreeable all the time, people are more likely to respond positively and help you if you're kind and friendly. Show others that you are interested in getting to know them. Be willing to listen and understand another person's perspective.

  • Show empathy when others need to talk or vent. Imagine what it would be like in their shoes. Listen without interruption. Put away your electronics and devices, and focus on being present with others in need.
  • Try to remain kind and polite even when others are rude. While it's important to know your limits, avoid trying to pick a fight when someone disagrees with you.


4- Be respectful and humble. Don't brag, even if you're doing well for yourself. Don't be jealous of other people, either. Respect that each person has their own path, and just focus on yourself and reaching your goals.

5- Tune into your resilience. Resilience is the ability to positively adapt in response to a challenge. It's a belief that you can persevere. This is an important trait, particularly to cope with and even thrive after adversity, and even if you haven't used it much, it's one that you already possess.

  • Focus on how to be strong in your daily life. If you're experiencing challenges, identify what's within your control and decide what you want to take action on. It's also important to be objective about what's outside of your control, so you don't feel disempowered.
  • Develop your resilience by not taking things too seriously. Believe in second and third chances to improve and become better. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit by finding ways to stay positive and be healthy.
  • Avoid being disheartened or disillusioned. When thinking of past stressful events, focus on what good came from them: what you learned or what you appreciate more now. This will help you believe that something good can come from future challenges, and not feel hopeless.


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